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Fortis' Tilbury Expansion is Too Risky

Fortis' Tilbury Expansion Phase 2 is currently in its public consultation phase. But you wouldn't know it.

Upon opening my $22 Fortis bill this month, I was greeted by an insert touting the expansion of the Tilbury LNG facility. For a moment I was satisfied that they were doing the right thing and notifying the public that they have an open public consultation period until July 16th. Nope!


It was a PR insert touting alleged benefits and none of the risks of the Tilbury Phase 2 Expansion project, with not a whisper about the public consultation period. The project is wrong for Richmond and was opposed by Council in committee on May 8, 2020.

Notably, the project is more than double the size of the controversial Woodfibre LNG project. It is not a "small-scale" facility as Mr. Stout claimed. SIGTTO, Society of Gas Tanker and Terminal Operators, an industry association, advises against tanker traffic and facility siting within 3500m of busy waterways and populated areas, for safety concerns. The Tilbury project and shipping routes don't meet that standard and are directly across the river from a large jet fuel tank farm.

Interestingly, in the PR insert and Mr. Stout's letter to the editor, there is a lot of emphasis on building resiliency into the domestic natural gas supply grid. Oddly, that requires a marine jetty for accommodating the largest LNG freighters. Fortis wants to ship to foreign markets and they're going to do it at Richmond's expense.

What next?

The Fraser River is at extreme risk due to the cumulative industrialization on the waterfront. Richmond relies on a healthy Fraser for economically significant fishing, tourism, and film industries. We also expect negative impacts from the project in terms of noise, light and atmospheric pollution. Further, we need to reduce our use of fossil fuels, including natural gas, to make the GHG reductions necessary to protect our children's future.

The consultation is available here until July 16th:

In the meantime, I'm in the market for an electric hot water heater.

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Richmond News: Richmond Council Voices Opposition to Tilbury LNG Expansion

City of Richmond General Purposes Committee minutes: Opposition to project passes.

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