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January Newsletter

Updated: Jan 12

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As we welcome the new year, I hope you all enjoyed a happy and restful holiday, and your 2024 is off to a good start.

Last year, we were tackling the housing crisis on all fronts, passing legislation to rein in short-term rentals, making zoning changes easier for municipalities, and taking steps to allow for higher-density housing to be built, especially in areas near public transit where people want to live and spend time.

It’s clear that people in our community, and across the globe are feeling the effects of inflation on their wallets. This year, we are continuing to tackle the cost of living and put money back into your pockets with programs like the Climate Action Tax Credit, low ICBC premiums, and reducing childcare fees.

Save the date! -- Kelly Greene is inviting you to the Richmond-Steveston Community Office open house! It is on Friday, Jan. 12th from 2-4pm. The office address is 115 - 4011 Bayview Str, Richmond. Good opportunity to see Kelly, to wish her a happy birthday, to try some delicious pakoras and meet more people in the community!

RSVP is required, so RSVP as soon as possible. RSVP link:

Putting Your Health First

People will now benefit from greater convenience and privacy when it comes time to test for HPV (human papillomavirus). HPV is the leading cause of cervical cancer. Cervix self-screening which tests for HPV will be the primary screening method in BC due to superior accuracy and convenience for people.

Self-screening tests remove any need to take time off work, arrange child care or travel to a clinic. Test kits can be ordered online and completed at home or wherever people feel comfortable. They come with clear instructions, in multiple languages. Completing self-screening at home is easier for people in remote communities, people with mobility challenges and others.

Self-screening is more accurate and makes it possible to stop cancer before it starts. Transitioning to the HPV test to screen for cervical cancer is part of BC’s 10-year Cancer Care Action Plan to better prevent, detect and treat cancers, and increase equity and access to health care.

In case you've missed it, early last year, our government is further supporting internationally educated nurses to work in our health care system. These nurses will no longer need to pay application and assessment fees, which can cost more than $3,700. We are committed to increasing access to health care for everyone in BC, and removing barriers for nurses to join our health care workforce is one part of that plan.

Understanding Addictions and Supporting Those Who Use Drugs

Stigma shames people into using drugs while alone, which can be fatal. Vancouver Coastal Health is partnering with organizations to provide take-home & onsite fentanyl test strips.

Foundry Richmond & Anne Vogel Clinic have take-home test strips in Richmond. Onsite fentanyl testing is available throughout multiple Vancouver sites found here.

Our office is here for you:

  • We know that the winter months may be hard for some of us. People anywhere in Canada can call and text 9-8-8 if they are thinking about suicide or are worried about someone who is.

  • Healthlink: dial 8-1-1

  • BC211 — multilingual service that links people to resources for help: dial 2-1-1

  • For financial supports for people, visit this page. 

  • Our office promotes community events and hosts high school art shows. If you have a Steveston community event you would like to promote, please email your poster to our office or come by on a weekday afternoon to drop it off!

  • Volunteer Opportunities with MLA Kelly Greene (ie. red pocket folding, office help)

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