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About Kelly

Kelly Greene

Born in Richmond Hospital, Kelly has had a lifelong love of her community and has been serving as the MLA for Richmond-Steveston since 2020. She has been a formidable advocate for public education, as well as social and environmental issues. She is committed to continuing to make Richmond a better place to live today, and for future generations.

Kelly greatly enjoys her diverse and welcoming neighbourhood, and loves taking her three small children to everything Richmond has to offer, from heritage events, to the Nature Park, or just watching airplanes land at YVR. Richmond is a home to be proud of.

She graduated from UBC with a Bachelor of Arts in 2002, and has worked for multinational banking and accounting firms, as well as leading small business. Kelly cofounded an advocacy group to keep Richmond public schools open, funded, and safe, and was successful in achieving those goals.

Passionate about serving the residents of Richmond, Kelly's goals are protecting farmland from speculators, significantly expanding affordable and market rentals, bridging cultural silos, and ensuring fiscal responsibility. As the MLA for Richmond-Steveston, Kelly actively works with all levels of government to ensure that Richmond resident's needs are met.

Kelly is currently serving as BC's Parliamentary Secretary for Fisheries and Aquaculture.

Richmond-Steveston Community Office

The Community Office is located in Steveston Village, at 4011 Bayview St #115, Richmond. Its mission is to support Richmond-Steveston residents, businesses and organizations to ensure we have a thriving community.  Our office can provide information on local provincial government services, referrals to services in the community, and grant funding for non-profits. We are keen to get the word out about community events by sharing in our newsletters, community events window and social media.

You can reach the office by emailing

I believe we can all make a difference. And when we work together, we can change the world.


Now is not the time to accept the status quo. We are facing unprecedented crises in housing, environment, and income inequality.


Bold action and ideas are needed to ensure we are successful in meeting the needs of our residents, both now and in the future.


My promise is to work hard, connect with industry leaders, and collaborate with you to find creative solutions that work for our community.

Our Mission


Richmond will thrive when we have people-centred policy. Affordable housing will mean our families and business can stay and be prosperous in Richmond. Leading climate change initiatives will be an opportunity for business innovation, but also an opportunity for our communities to become more livable.

With the unique convergence of urban, suburban, and farmland, Richmond is well positioned to lead in personal well-being and economic growth, well into the next century.

We Need Your Support Today!

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